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Thursday, December 1, 2022

IGNOU BCA BCS-055 Study Materials/Notes/Exam Questions

IGNOU BCA BCS-055 Study Materials/Notes/Exam Questions: If you were searching for the IGNOU BCA bcs-055 Study Materials every Session then finally you are at right place as IGNOU BCA All Semester Bcs-055 Study Materials  paper for  is now available IGNOU BCA All Notes/Exam paper  PDF files from here.

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 Notes : all questions.

1. Read the following passages and answer the questions given after  :
Nowaday, audiences are used  seeing visual material during almost any sort of talk or
presentation The  Listening isn't easy and it helps a great deal if you have something to look at; in any
case to the human beings tend .to remember what they see more readily than what they hear, and so
audiences to the grateful for the reinforcement of a good visual aid. People also like looking at
pictures the it makes a pleasant alternative to listening — and a change in the way in which
information is presented adds variety and to the  interest  occasion and so helps them to
For all these reasons, audiences want visual to the aids and most speakers provide them. There is,
no doubt to some highly experienced, witty and knowledgeable people who can hold an audience's
attention by themselves, but it's probably unwise to assume that either we or you are of their
If there audiences are helped by visual aids, so are speakers themselves. Visual material is prepared
in advance, and if it's well-designed and thoroughly checked, it becomes an area of the
presentation that the speaker doesn't have to worry about, assuming, of course, that the
equipment is available and functioning properly. It also deflects attention from the speaker. This
can be bad as well as good : it's possible to use so many visual aids that the audience feels that
they are seeing a film or video rather than meeting and listening to a human being. As films
and videos can be transported easily from one place to another, they may also feel that it was
rather a waste of their time bothering to come to the venue on a particular day at a prescribed
the  time, when they Are could have watched the whole thing at home at their leisure. On the other hand,
many speakers like to feel that occasionally during the talk they are not the main focus of the
audience's attention; this is often true at the beginning, and is a good reason for having a
visual aid containing the subject and the speaker's name to show as the presentation
starts. It may also be helpful in allowing the audience to see how the speaker's name is spelt.

Answer the questions given below :
(i) How does the audience benefit from the use of visual aids in a presentation ?
(ii) people can hold the audience's attention without visual aids.
(iii) Why is it a good idea to use visual aids on  the part of the presenter ?
(iv) Why is it necessary to have a visual right at the start of a presentation ?
(v) What are some of the disadvantages of using visual aids ?
(vi) Give an appropriate title to the passage.

2. Pick out words from the passage which mean the same as the following :
(i) providing more evidence or support for an idea (Paragraph 1)
(ii) Something different from what you already have (Paragraph 1)
 (iii) amusing in a clever way (Paragraph 2)
(iv) minutely (Paragraph 3)
(v) take the attention away (Paragraph 3)
(vi) to take to some other place (Paragraph 3)
(vii) place where an event is happening
(Paragraph 3)
(viii) at your convenience (Paragraph 3)

3. Fill in the blanks with the linking words given in
the box.  even though, whereas, so, after, since
(i) The Guptas live far from the city centre, they don't get many visitors.
(ii) she had promised to visit them, she went there the next day.
(iii) The English eat potatoes, the Chinese eat rice.
(iv) He went to bed he had finished the book.
(v) My weeks in captivity weren't too terrible, the food was awful.

4. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the verbs given in brackets.
(i) The Principal_____________ (have) finished his round of the school and is returning to his office.
(ii) As soon as Richard _____(hear) the news on the radio, he rushed to the accident site.
(iii) The message______ (arrive) after he (leave) the office.
(iv) I ______(think) of inviting all my close friends for dinner.

5. Write short notes on the any two the following :
(i) Business events
(ii) Writing an effective proposal •
(iii) Different styles of communication
(iv) What is a Portfolio ?

6. There is an advertisement for recruitment of trainees in office management in your local newspaper. Write a letter of application,mentioning your organizational skills and educational background.

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