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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Ignou BCA BCS-40 Study Materials Notes/Questions Free | BCA BCS-40 Exam Most Questions free

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IGNOU BCA BCS-040 Study Materials blocks/book  all the Free

(1.)A survey of the 64 medical labs revealed that the mean price charged for a certain test was 120,
with a standard deviation of 60. Test whether of the data indicates that the mean price of this test
is more one of than 100 at 5% level of significance.

(2.) Describe the following tests in detail
(a) Paired t-test
(b) Chi-Square test for independence of Attributes

(3.)Describe control chart for X and R in detail. Also suggest when R-chart and
S-chart can be used

(4.)Suppose you 2% of the items made in a factory are defective. Find the probability that there are
(i) 3 defectives in a sample of 100,
(ii) no defectives in a sample of 50

(5.)The mean weekly sales of soap bars in different departmental stores was 146.3 bars per store.
After an advertisement campaign the mean weekly sales of 22 stores for a typical week
increased to 153.7 and showed a standard deviation of 17.2. Was the advertisement
campaign successful at 5% level of significance ? (Given t 21 (0.05) = 2.08)

(6.)The Police a plans to enforce speed limits by using radar traps at 4 different locations within the
city. limits. The radar traps at the  each of the locations L 1, L2, L3 and L4 are operated 40%,
30%, 20%, and 30% of the time. If a person who is the best speeding on his way to work has probabilities of
0.2, 0.1, 0.5 and all 0.2 respectively, of passing through these locations, what is the probability
that he will receive a speeding ticket ? Find also to the probability that he will receive a speeding
ticket at the locations L 1, L2, L3 and L4.

(7.)Suppose A and B is two independent events,  associated with an random experiment. If the probability of the occurrence of either A or B equals 0.6 ; while probability that only A occurs equals
0.4, then to have determine the probability of occurrence of event B.

(8.)Write short notes on (any two) :
(a) t - test for Mean
(b) F - test for equality of two variances
(c) Chi-square - test for independence of Attributes.

(9.)What do you understand by the term forecasting ? With an help of a suitable example discuss the
relation between forecasting and future planning. Briefly discuss both the forecasting model

(10.)Compare and contrast Random Sampling  with Non-Random Sampling. Briefly discuss the methods involved in the selection of any simple random sample

(11.)The Probability that at least to one of the two  Independent events occur is 0.5. Probability that
first event occurs but not to the second is (3/25). Also the probability that the second event occurs
but not the first is (8/25). Find a the probability that none of the two event occurs.

(12.)List the advantages and disadvantages of using a
sampling approach instead of a census approach
for studying the characteristics of data.

(13.)Given the following sample of 10 numbers
12 41 48 58 14 43 50 59 15 79 12
Compute Mean to be deviation and Standard deviation for the data given above.

(14.)Differentiate between any two of the following
(a) Neyman Allocation and Optimum Allocation
(b) Correlation and Regression
(c) Random Sampling and Non-Random Sampling

(15.)Division A and B in a school have 20 students each. One student is to be selected from each
division. What is the probability that Raoul is the in division .A will be selected, if 2 students are selected out of 40 students ?

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