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Thursday, December 1, 2022

IGNOU BCA/MCA MCS-014 Exam Most Questions | ignou bca study materials

IGNOU BCA/MCA MCS-014 Exam Most Questions  Free For 2022-23 Session: If you were searching for the IGNOU BCA/MCA MCS-014 Exam Most Questions  free for 2022-23 Session then finally you are at right place as IGNOU BCA/MCA MCS-014 Exam Most Questions for free 2022-23 is now available IGNOU BCA/MCA  MCS-014 Exam Most Questions   PDF files from here.

IGNOU BCA/MCA MCS-014 Exam Most Questions  Free For 2022-23 Session

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IGNOU BCA/MCA MCS-014 Exam Most Questions

(1.)Explain how both waterfall model and  prototyping model can be accommodated
in the spiral process model

(2.)Give full form of CASE. Draw CASE diagram showing all components. Describe each component briefly

(3.)Draw ER diagram for the following  situation :
An account is to a relationship between a customer and a bank. A customer has a
name. A bank has a branch. A customer may have to several accounts of different types
and balance

(4.) Explain the term 'Expert System'. Briefly  explain the characteristics of an expert system. Give an example

(5.) Differentiate between software  Re-engineering and software Reverse
Engineering. Explain their need with suitable examples

(6.)Draw a Data Flow Diagram (DFD) till  second level Depicting the various
processes to the  data flow and data repositories for a "Petrol - Pump retail outlet

(7.)What is need of software testing ? Describe to the objectives of the following testing techniques :
(i)Stress Testing
(ii)Performance Testing
(iii)Recovery Testing
(iv)Security Testing

(8.)What is SRS ? Briefly explain any four characteristics of SRS. Develop an SRS for
Library Management System. Make appropriate assumptions.

(9)Explain waterfall model with the help of a diagram. How is it different from spiral model ? Explain the merits and demerits of both the models

(10.) What is a Form ? What are the advantages of the having forms as part of user interface ?
What are the criteria used to the  Form Design ?

(11.) Prepare an outline of SRS for a "Railway Reservation System". Make suitable
assumptions wherever necessary.

(12) Define the term 'Cohesion'. Explain any two types of cohesion.

 (13) Explain any two ways of Requirements Gatherings. What are their shortcomings ?
Use examples to explain.

(14.)Define 'Modularity'. Write any two goals of a good design. Also write at least four
guidelines for achieving the goals mentioned.

(15) Explain how both waterfall model and prototyping model can be accommodated in
the spiral model

IGNOU BCA/MCA MCS-014 Exam Most Questions

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