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Thursday, September 7, 2023

IGNOU (BAHIH) Solved assignments July-2023-24 sessions

  The Bachelor of Honours History (BAHIH) Solved assignments is a broad grounded programme with a blend of correctional, interdisciplinary and skill-grounded courses. It's designed to give the learners with the information and chops necessary to understand and assay their world by introducing them to the main themes and motifs not only in Anthropology but disciplines like Humanities, History.

BAHIH Solved assignments

Programme Structure

The Bachelor of Honours History (BAHIH) Solved assignments is 148 credits with a blend of five types of courses fourteen a) Core Courses, four b) Discipline Specific Electives, two c) Capability improvement mandatory Courses, two d) Skill improvement Courses and two e) General Electives. While each of the Capability and Skill improvement is of four credit weightage, all other courses of this programme are six credit courses.


The University admits scholars to its Maids programmes from both formal and non-formal schemes. Thenon-formal sluice consists of those scholars who still need to clear 10+2 or the original test. To be admitted to IGNOU’s degree programme, they must pass its Bachelor’s Preparatory Programme( BPP) first.

 There's no entrance test for seeking admission.

IGNOU BA (BAHIH) Solved assignments 2023-24 Session

IGNOU Bachelor of Honours History (BAHIH) 1st Semester Solved assignments

BANC 101 - Introduction to Biological Anthropology

BANC 102 - Introduction to Social Cultural Anthropology

BEVAE 181 - Environmental Studies

BPAG 171 - Disaster Management

IGNOU Bachelor of Honours History (BAHIH) 2nd Semester Solved assignments

BANC-103 Archaeological Anthropology

BANC-104 Fundamentals of Human Origin evolution

BEGAE-182 English Communication

BHDAE-182 Hindi Bhasha and Samprashan

BGDG-172 Gender Sensitization: Society and Culture

IGNOU Bachelor of Honours History (BAHIH) 3rd Semester Solved assignments

BANC 105 Tribes and Peasants in India

BANC-  106 Human Ecology- Biological Cultural dimensions

BANC-  107 Biological Diversity in Human Populations

BPCS-  185 Developing Emotional Competence

BPCG-  173 Psychology for Health and Wellbeing

IGNOU Bachelor of Honours History (BAHIH) 4th Semester Solved assignments

BANC-  108 Theories of Culture Society

BANC-  109 Human Growth and Development

BANC-  110 Research Methods

BECS-  184 Data Analysis

BPAG-  174 Sustainable Development

IGNOU Bachelor of Honours History (BAHIH) 5th Semester Solved assignments

BANC111 Human Population Genetics

BANC-  112 Anthropology in Practice

BANE-  141 Physiological Anthropology

BANE-  143 Tribal Cultures of India

BANE-  147 Urban Anthropology

IGNOU Bachelor of Honours History (BAHIH) 6th Semester Solved assignments

BANC113 Forensic Anthropology

BANC- 114 Anthropology of India

BANE- 144 Visual Anthropology

BANE- 154 Dissertation

BSOE- 144 Reading Ethnographies

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Medium of Instruction

  The Honours History. The History programme is on offered in English and Hindi. The pupil has to conclude a particular medium of study while applying for admission to the programme.


The programme can be completed by earning the needed number of credits under each order in a minimal period of three times( six semesters) or in a maximum period of six times.


IGNOU (BAHIH) Solved assignments more Points

 figure Structure A aggregate of?,600/- to be paid time wise@? 5200/-,/- per time, along with a

 Registration figure of?. 200/- the first time. The Programme figure has to be paid via disbenefit/ Credit Card through online mode only. freights formerly paid aren't refundable

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MOBILE NUMBER: +918504059601


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