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IGNOU Approval Project Synopsis Guide Eligibility

 How to Submit IGNOU Project Online?

Submit your IGNOU Programme Project Report , Dissertation and Internship Reports online at IGNOU official website.

The University has decided to postpone Learner best Support Services in the least Regional Centre/Learner Support Centre’s (LSC) due to Lockdown nationwide on account of Corona pandemic

Where to Submit final IGNOU Project Report Online?

the direct link where students are going to be ready to submit their final IGNOU project reports online. click on the ignou web site mentioned below to go to IGNOU university website to submit the Project Report / Dissertation / Field Work Journals and Internship Reports.

The IGNOU submit the report online the learners must read all the read guidelines properly that is mentioned on the university project submission page.

The ignou project learners may make sure that the first Project Report is to be scanned during a single PDF format file for one Subject/Course, to enable the Regional Centre / all the Students Evaluation Division to download an equivalent during a single PDF format file for further action.

The first page ignou projects learner as given below:

• Title of the ignou Project Report / Dissertation / Internship / Field Work / other

• Name of the Learner

• Program Code

• Enrollment Number

• Regional Center Code

• Course Code(s)/of attached project

• Mobile No. & E-mail ID

IGNOU Approval Project Synopsis Guide Eligibility


• Human Resource HR management system.

• Job Portal System.

• Hospital Management System.

• Hotel Management

• Labour profile management system.

• Document Management System.

• Expo Management System.

• Logistic Management System.

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PGDRD, CES, MCS 044, PGDDM, MPA, BTS Project Report and others

Project Guide Eligibility For MCA Programme

A person having Ph.D, M.Tech . in computing with a minimum of 1 year of experience.

A person having B.E./B.Tech. (Computer Science subjects for all ), MCA, M.Sc. (Computer Science) with 2 years’ experience, preferably in software development

Computer applications are a use of computer to unravel a drag or to accomplish a specific Job and this is often tested by the supervisor by checking the Ignou MCA Project of the students. The proposed system is an application and maintains a centralized repository of all related information. The system allows anyone to simply access the relevant information and make necessary creation and review of the info at any cost

The Master of computer application (MCA) programme prepares the scholars to require up professional positions as system analysts, Systems Designers, Software Engineers, Programmers and Project Managers in any field related to information technology.

How to make ignou approval projects in four steps

Step-1 Analysis

• Framing the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Model for the related


• Understanding and evaluating the specific problem,

• Performing ignou projects technical feasibility, time feasibility and Operational feasibility for

The project,

• Scheduling projects using both GANTT and PERT charts,

• Deciding the projects S/W requirement specifications and H/W requirement

Specifications, and

• Designing and constructing the entity-relationship ER-diagram (for DBMS

Related projects), data flowchart diagrams (level all) (OR Object-oriented diagrams

• Analysing and evaluating the systems requirements,

• Cost-benefit analysis,

System projects Flowcharts etc.) And data dictionary.

Step-2 Design

• Planning the systems design phase and distinguish between logical and physical

Design database requirements,

• Design and evaluate user interfaces for input, and validity checks for input file ,

• Perform normalisation for the normalised tables for RDBMS related projects,

• Design various test cases for various testing techniques/strategies, and

• Decide various data structures.

• Create the systems new flowcharts and state transition diagrams,

• Describe all the modules and therefore the functionality of modules,

• Designs and evaluate system good inputs and outputs,

Step-3 Coding

• Performing coding consistent with the need and style document,

• Writing comments and description in coding,

• Using of naming all the convention of variable and functions,

• Explaining managements the exceptions handling and conditional tool checking, and

• Maintaining security.


• Codes and database Identifying key problems with the software and re-implementation with logical Justification.

• Generating various test reports.

• Performing various system testing techniques/strategies to incorporate the various

Phases of testing,

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