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you are looking for the solved assignments of IGNOU Courses then there is a website where you can get IGNOU’s all solved assignments Low cost. You just have to search for your Course or Subject name and then you can download the PDF file of solved assignments. I’ve been using this site for a long time to grab IGNOU Assignments for fee. I would also recommend you to give it a try once. It has been much helpful for me. Below I’ve attached the link of the website where you can get download Solved assignments.

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  4. successful transaction  get solved assignment

Although the Last date of submitting an assignment is mentioned on the front page of each assignment, it’s usually 31st March for June TEE and 30th September for December TEE.

IGNOU Assignments are instruments of self-estimation for students. Hence a student is advised to collect the evaluated assignments along with the assessment sheet (Evaluator Comment Sheet) from the study center, once the assignments are checked and the marks are updated on the Grade Card.

Last date to Submit of IGNOU Assignments without Late Fee

IGNOU students often ask about the Last Date of submitting IGNOU assignments without late fee.

The last date, with or without late fee, applies only to the submission of IGNOU TEE (Term End Exam) Form. Because an assignment must be submitted before applying for the respective subject’s Examination, hence students confuse the last date of submitting examination form with the last date to submit an IGNOU assignment.

 If a student wants to submit assignment only (without TEE Examination Form), then he/she can submit it till April 30th for June TEE and October 31st for December TEE.IGNOU Assignments help students continuously evaluate their understanding while studying the study material. Better marks or Grade in an assignment means better grasp of the study material  A student can appear in term end examination only after submitting the respective assignment.

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