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Friday, April 2, 2021

IGNOU BCA BCS-053 Study Materials/Notes/Impotent Questions for Free

IGNOU BCA BCS-053 Study Materials  Free For 2020-21 Session: If you were searching for the IGNOU BCA BCS-053  WEB PROGRAMMING Exam Most Questions  free for 2020-21 Session then finally you are at right place as IGNOU BCA BCS-053 Exam Most Questions for free 2020-21 is now available IGNOU BCA BCS-053  Exam Most Questions   PDF files from here.

IGNOU BCA BCS-053 Study Materials /Notes
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IGNOU BCA BCS-053 Exam Most Questions  Free 

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BCS-053 : WEB PROGRAMMING  Study Materials/Notes

(1) Explain any two of the following :
(i) Keyframe Systems
(ii) Scripting Systems
(iii) Morphing

(2) Explain the differences between parametric and geometric continuities in Bezier curve.

(3) Differentiate between any two of the following step :
(i) Graphics and Animation
(ii) Printer and Plotter
(iii) Hypertext and Hypermedia

(4) Briefly describe any two of the following
file formats :
(i) jpeg
(ii) tiff
(iii) bmp
(iv) gif

(5) Explain any two of the following :
(i) Authoring tools
(ii) Z-buffer algorithm
(iii) Video file formats

(6) What is Video Conferencing ? Discuss the challenges related to such facilities.

(7) Differentiate between the following :
(i) Social Media and Social Networking
(ii) JSP and Servlet

(8) Explain GET and POST methods of HTTP protocol. Why do you use these methods ?
Explain with examples.

 (9) What is DTD ? Explain its role in XML.

(10) What is an external style sheet ? With the help of example to design an HTML program using an embedded style sheet.

(11) Write a JSP program which will demonstrate the use of <jsp : include> and
<jsp : param> action. 

(12) Write a JavaScript program that changes the text 'web programming' to upper case
and then again to lower case. This cycle of a conversion is performed after every 15 seconds.

(13) Design a JSP page to fetch the record of the student having attributes such as Roll No,
Student Name and Programmer from the table designed in SQL server.

(14) Explain the role of web container and HTTP server in the context of web programming.
(15) Explain the use of table, anchor and form  elements - password and fieldset tags of HTML with the help of an example each.

(16) Design a webpage using HTML and  Javascript in which the background colour of the page changes on the click of the button.

(17) Explain with the help of a diagram the life  cycle of a JSP page.

(18) Write a simple HTML/JSP code that handles  the division by zero error. Make suitable assumptions, if any.

(19) Differentiate between the following :
(i) Client and Server Architecture
(ii) Static Webpage and Dynamic Webpage

(20 )Write a jsp program fragment that sets up a session on receiving username and password. In case the username and password match "IGNOU" and "TEST" respectively, the user is redirected to a
page named result.jsp.

(21)What is CSS ? Create a sample code to the  illustrate the external style-sheet for your
web page.

(22) Explain the difference between JSP Scriptlets, JSP Tags and JSP Directive.

(23) Design an HTML form which should allow to enter your personal data. (Hint to make use of text field, password field, check boxes, radio and submit button)

(24 )What are the advantages of using CSS for an HTML document ? How can you links is  an external style sheet to an HTML document ? Explain  you can be  change the background colour of a web page using a style sheet.

(25) Create an XML document that stores the name (first name and last name), enrolment number and at least one phone number of a student. Create such information for at least two students. Create the DTD that validates the XML document created by you.

(26) Explain the concept of Document Object Model (DOM) with the help of an example. 3

 (27) What is a cookie in the context of JSP ? Why is it needed ? Explain how to the cookie can be set with the help of an example.

(30) List the steps that would be required to verify the username and password entered by a user on a login page to the information stored in a database, using JSP.

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