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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

IGNOU BCA BCSL-032 Study Materials /Notes/ Impotent Questions

IGNOU BCA BCSL-032 : If you were searching for the IGNOU BCA BCSL-032 Exam Most Questions  free for 2020-21 Session then finally you are at right place as IGNOU BCA BCSL-032 Exam Most Questions for free 2020-21 is now available IGNOU BCA BCSL-032 Exam Most Questions   PDF files from here.


IGNOU BCA BCSL-032 Study Materials /Notes/ Impotent Questions  

Students may easily bcsl032 all know about their Assignment Topics by clicking on the official link of IGNOU. All-important links ignou has will be shared on the web Panel. 


(1.)Write a C++ Program to create account class. Define proper constructor for this class. Define methods for display-account-detail, display-simple-interest. Make necessary assumptions required.

(2.)Write a C++ Program to find factorial of a given number. Define proper class; 40 constructor and method in your program.

(3.)Write a C++ program to add two matrices. Define proper class and constructor in
this class. Define method to display the sum of two matrices.

(4)Write a C++ program to find the area of the following shapes. Use function overloading to implement this program :
(i) Circle
(ii) Rectangle

(5.)Write a C++ program to find the sum of two 3 x 3 matrices. Define proper
constructor and methods in the program

(6.)Write a C++ program to create a Teacher class. Derive Graduate_Teacher and
School_Teacher classes from the Teacher class. Define constructor for all the
classes to the  Define methods to display teacher name, subject and years of experience.
Make necessary assumptions, if any

(7.)Write a C++ program to find a + b, a — b, a * b and a/ b, where a and b are two
numbers. Implement proper mechanism to handle exception(s) in this program.

(8.)Write a C++ program to create Shape class. Derive Circle and Rectangle classes
from this (Shape) class. Define proper constructors for these classes. Declare
Area method in Circle and Rectangle classes to find the area of that shape, and
implement it with proper comments.

(9.)Write a C++ program to find the sum of two complex numbers. Define proper
class, constructor and method(s) in your program. Give comments to make your
code more understandable

(10.)Write a C++ program to the display the marks scored by a student in the final
semester examination. The student appears in exams of Math, Science, Hindi,
English and Computer Application courses in the final semester. Each course is
of 100 marks. Define proper class,to the constructor and method(s) in your program.
Make necessary assumptions required.

BCSL-032 Study Materials /Notes/ Impotent Questions  

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