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Thursday, September 1, 2022

IGNOU BCA bcs-052 Study Materials free Downloads

IGNOU BCA bcs-052 Study Materials  Free : If you were searching for the IGNOU BCA BCS-52 Exam Most Questions  free for All Session then finally you are at right place as IGNOU BCA BCS-052 Exam Most Questions for free All is now available IGNOU BCA BCS-052  Exam Most Questions   PDF files from here.Students may easily know about their Assignment Topics by clicking on the official link of IGNOU university 

IGNOU BCA bcs-052 Study Materials free Downloads
bcs-052 Study Materials


bcs-052 Study Materials

(1)Write short notes on the following
(a) FTP
(b) Byte Ordering
(c) Gateways
(d) Distance Vector Routing

(2.)A block of address is granted to a small organisation. One of its addresses is What is the first address in to the block ?

(3.)Explain the management components of SNMP.\

(4.)Find the error, if any, in each of the following IPv4 addresses :
(iv) 111100.1110.111.001

(5.)Draw the header of TCP and UDP. Compare the header fields of TCP and UDP. Explain the
purpose of fields which are similar between TCP and UDP.

(6.)Discuss the various Disk Management functions in Windows. Write the
step-by-step procedure to open disk management option

(7.)Write an algorithm (using socket programming system calls) each for UDP client and UDP
server, as per the following specifications

(8.) UDP server accepts that character and as a reply sends the ASCII value of that character to the client.

(9.)Do port addresses at transport layer need to be unique ? Why or why not ? Why are the port addresses shorter than IP addresses ?

(10.) What is ARP ? How does it differ from RARP and BOOTP ? Explain.

(11.) Which field in IP header is used for congestion control and how ? Explain.

(12.) Draw the block diagram of DNS. Explain the purpose of the various fields used in DNS message format.

(13.) In electronic mail, what is MIME ? Explain its purpose and functionality.

(14.)What is the size of TCP header ? How many packets are exchanged in setting up a TCP connection ?

(15.) Identify the class of the following IP addresses :
(16.) Write the syntax along with the parameters used by the following system calls :
(i) accept ( )
(ii) listen ( )
(iii) send ( )
(iv) shutdown ( )

(17.) Write short notes on the following
(a) Network Monitoring Tools
(b) FreeNX
(c) Cloud Computing
(d) Name Servers

(18.)What is the purpose of sequence number in a TCP segment ? Why is padding required for a TCP segment ?

(19.) Explain the structure of UDP datagram using a suitable diagram.

(20.) What is Virtual Private Network ? Compare VPN and FreeNX.

(21.) Compare and contrast between POP and IMAP.

(22.)Explain the Distance vector routing algorithm with an example.

 (23.) Explain the working of ARP and RARP using suitable diagram for each.

(24.) What is the importance of ICMP at Network layer ? Explain the reports generated by ICMP.

(25.) Write an algorithm (using Socket Programing System Calls) for TCP client and TCP server each, as per are the following specifications  (Make suitable assumptions, if any)

(26.) Client will start communication and establish connection. It will send the list of numbers to the TCP server.

(27.) TCP server, which can handle maximum 3 clients concurrently, will accept the list and send back the smallest number. Server will terminate this is a connection once the number is sent.

(28.) How does a DNS server work ? Explain with the help of a suitable example for recursive and iterative solutions.

(29.) What is SNMP ? Explain the different security levels implemented in SNMP.

(30.) What are the different remote network administration tools ? Explain the features
of each.
(31) Discuss the activities between DHCP server and DHCP client.

(32). Differentiate between the following :
(a) htons( ) and ntohs( ) System Call
(b) Supernet and Subnet
(c) read( ) and write( ) System Call
(d) Broadcasting and Multicasting

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