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IGNOU MCA Books /blocks/study metrials Pdf

IGNOU MCA Books /blocks/study metrials For 2020-2021 Session: If you were searching for the IGNOU MCA Books /blocks/study metrials for 2020-21 Session then finally you are at right place as IGNOU MCA Books /blocks/study metrials for 2020-21 is now available MCA Books /blocks/study metrials  PDF files from here.

IGNOU MCA Books /blocks/study metrials For 2020-2021,2022 Session

IGNOU MCA BOOKS FREE DOWNLOADS For 2020-2021,2022 Session

IGNOU MCA Books /blocks/study metrials For 2020-2021,2022 Session
IGNOU MCA  1st Semester           

MCS-011  Problem Solving and Programming Click here    

MCS-012  Computer Organisation  Assembly Language Programming Click here 

 MCS-013  Discrete MathematicsClick here

 MCS-014 Systems Analysis and DesignClick here

 MCS-015  Communication Skills Click here     

 MCSL-016 Internet Concepts and Web design (the Lab Course)Click here

MCSL-017  Lab (C and Assembly Language Programming) (the Lab Course) Click here      

IGNOU MCA Books /blocks/study metrials PDF

IGNOU MCA  2nd Semester

MCS-021  Data and File structures Click here

 MCS-022  Operating System conceptsClick here       

 MCS-023  Introduction to Database Management Systems  Click here

 MCS-024   Object Oriented Technology and Java ProgrammingClick here          

 MCSL-025  the Lab (Data Structures using C, WINDOWS 2000, LINUX / UNIX, Java and MS? ACCESS, My SQL)  Click here

IGNOU MCA Books /blocks/study metrials PDF

IGNOU MCA  3rd Semester

MCS-031    Design and Analysis of Algorithms   Click here    

 MCS-032   Object Oriented Analysis and Design Click here 

 MCS-033   Advanced Discrete Mathematics  Click here     

 MCS-034   Software Engineering  Click here

 MCS-035   Accountancy and Financial Management  Click here    

 MCSL-036 Laboratory Course (the For Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Software Engineering and Accountancy and Financial Management) Click here       

IGNOU MCA Books /blocks/study metrials PDF

IGNOU MCA  4th Semester

  MCS-041  Operating Systems  Click here     
 MCS-042  Data Communication and Networks  Click here  

 MCS-043   Advanced Database Management Systems    4 Click here

 MCS-044   Mini Project     Click here      

 MCSL-045    UNIX and DBMS LAB     Click here  

IGNOU MCA Books /blocks/study metrials PDF

IGNOU MCA  5th Semester

MCS-051    Advanced Internet Technologies 




MCS-52  Principles Of the Management And Information Systems Click here

 MCS-053  Computer Graphics and Multimedia Click here 

 MCSL-054    Laboratory Course (Advanced Internet Technologies & Computer Graphics and Multimedia)Click here

 MCSE-003    Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management Click here       
 MCSE-004    Numerical and Statistical Computing  Click here

 MCSE-011    Parallel Computing  Click here   

IGNOU MCA  6th Semester

MCSP-060     Project  comingSoon         

IGNOU MCA Books /blocks/study metrials PDF

IGNOU BCA Solved Assignments Click here

IGNOU MCA Solved Assignments Click here

IGNOU BCA Exam Impotent Questions Click here

IGNOU BCA All Semester Gross Paper Click here
IGNOU BCA Study All Semester Study Materials/books/notes Click here

IGNOU  MCA Books/Blocks Clickhere

IGNOU BCA Books/Blocks Click here
IGNOU Questions pdf Assignments Click here

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