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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

IGNOU FEG-02 Exam Most Questions

IGNOU FEG-02 Exam Most Questions  Free For 2020-21 Session: If you were searching for the IGNOU FEG-02 Exam Most Questions  free for 2020-21 Session then finally you are at right place as IGNOU FEG-02 Exam Most Questions for free 2020-21 is now available IGNOU FEG-02 Exam Most Questions   PDF files from here.

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IGNOU FEG-02 Exam Most Questions  Free For 2020-21 Session

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IGNOU FEG-02 Exam Most Questions

Term-End Examination Important most questions

1. Write to the composition in about 350 words on any
one of the following :
(a) Erosion in Human Values in Modern Times
(b) Ways of Reaching out to Disadvantaged
(c) Our Dependence on Gadgets
(d) Disaster Management : The Need of the
2. Write a paragraph in to the about 200 words on any one
of the following topics :
(a) Preventing Road Mishaps
(b) The Importance of Cultivating a Hobby
(c) The World as a Global Society
(d) Role of the Media in creating Public
3. A children's the park in your colony has been
encroached upon by a builder. As a result
children are not able to use the park. Write a
letter to the Ward Officer, Municipal Corporation
(of your city) to the  bringing this to his/her notice and
requesting him/her to the  help restore the park to its
original shape and use.
You have joined an NGO named 'Clean and
Green India' that is dedicated to bringing about
awareness about hygiene and cleanliness. As part
of the activities, you have gone on cleanliness
drives, performed street plays and made home
visits carrying your message. Describe your
experiences at 'Clean and Green India' to your
4. Summarize the following passage to not more
than one-third of the original. Give it a suitable
Through his art, Mario Miranda, who passed
away in Goa on December 11, 2011, taught us to
laugh at our faults and shortcomings. He would
capture the spirit of a man very well, using
expressions and typical behaviour. He would
draw cartoons about the lives of taxi drivers, bus
drivers, secretaries working in offices, and
families from different religions, and make us
He used to draw illustrations and cartoons of his
teachers in school. He had no formal education in
art when he started out as an illustrator in one of
the leading newspapers in Mumbai. He could
capture moments from daily life and freeze them
in his art like no other.
Not just his cartoons and illustrations but his
landscapes of Goa — cathedrals, crossroads, the
people of Goa — and also of his travels to Israel
and Greece were beautiful. He was a prolific
artist; he would draw one cartoon, or maybe
more, every day.
As a person, Mario was very generous, he never
had money on his mind. He was simple and
genuine; one could call him a son of the soil.
He returned to Goa about 12 years ago, after he
retired from the newspaper he used to work with.
He lived in a very small apartment in Colaba in
Mumbai, but his house in Goa was palatial. He
loved his house and his home town.

1. Write a composition in the  about 350 words on
any one of the following topics :
(a) one day in the life of a college student.
(b) Life in a village
(c) Colleges must change to meet 21st century
needs of students.
(d) Educating the masses - need of the hour.
2. Write to the paragraph of about 200 words on
any one of the following topics :
(a) Travelling in an overcrowded bus
(b) Educating adults
(c) Buying a new T.V
(d) Healthy childhood.
3. Write a report in the about 200 words on the
following :
The college where you study has started a social
group called 'Social Justice for All'. The group
has taken up causes such as 'Save the Girl Child',
'Say no to corruption' etc. Write a report for a
newspaper giving details about the group and the
causes it has taken up.
A meeting has held at Gandhi Maidan recently
by the women of your city to protest against the
rise in cases of violence against women. Write a
report for a newspaper giving details of the
meeting. You are Aradhana , reporter , Times of
4. Summarize the following passage to about one 10
third of its length and give in a suitable tittle.
As adults, we are frequently in situations that
require us to make and carry out decisions that
affect other people's welfare. Young people, too,
frequently encounter such situations, and these
can be quite confusing for them. A boy asks his
classmate for help with homework during the
weak, when everyone else is playing cricket. Will
he stay back and help ? Two girls work jointly (A t
a project, and the teacher gives credit for the best

idea to the wrong one. Will this girl tell her
teacher that it is her partner who really deserves
the credit ? A student who happens to be on the
environment protection group sees some plastic
littering the corridor - and there is no one else
around. Will he take the trouble to throw it ? A
student , finds that her teacher has given her five
marks too many on a paper. Will she get it
reduced ?
The actions called for in the examples above fall
under the general umbrella of responsible

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