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Thursday, December 1, 2022

IGNOU BCS-011 Exam Most Questions

IGNOU BCS-011 Exam Most Questions  Free For 2022-23 Session: If you were searching for the IGNOU BCS-011 Exam Most Questions  free for 2022-23 Session then finally you are at right place as IGNOU BCS-011 Exam Most Questions for free 2020-21 is now available IGNOU BCS-011 Exam Most Questions   PDF files from here.

IGNOU BCS-011 Exam Most Questions  Free For 2022-23 Session

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IGNOU BCS-011 Exam Most Questions

(1)What is a computer system ? ExplainVon-Neumann architecture of computersystems with the help of a diagram 

(2)What is software project management ?Explain the following with respect tosoftware project management :

(i) Scheduling

(ii) Timesheet Management 

(3)What is URL ? Explain the parts of a URLwith the help of an example 

(4) What is ASCII ? Explain how Unicode isdifferent from ASCII.

(5) What is a motherboard ? List and brieflyexplain any five parts of a motherboard.

(6) What is the need of memory hierarchy incomputer systems ? Compare magneticmemory with semiconductor memory interms of speed and cost.

(7) What are malwares ? Explain any threemalwares, in brief, with the help of anexample of each.

(8) What is a Compiler ? How is it differentfrom Interpreter ? List any two high levellanguages, that use a Compiler.

(9) What is a Web Browser ? Explain how aWeb Browser works. Also, explain the typesof Web Browsers.

(10) What is a programming language ? Brieflyexplain the following elements of aprogramming language :

(i) Variable

(ii) Data type
 (11)Explain the working of the variouscomponents of a computer, with the helpof a diagram.

(12) What are Arrays and what is their utility.Explain the two types of arrays and withthe help of an example depict the storage ofdata in them.

(13) What is a computer network ? What are itsadvantages ? Differentiate between guidedand unguided data transmission channels.

(14) What is Moodle ? Describe its role inE-learning.

(15) Explain memory hierarchy with the help ofsuitable diagram.

(16) Explain various categories of printers on thebasis of speed and quality.

(17) What is E-mail ? Write steps to createE-mail account.

(18) What is a port ? Explain any four types ofports.

(19) Differentiate between Batch andMultiprogramming operating system.

(20) Describe the OSI Reference Model with thehelp of a diagram.

(21) Explain the following terms with the helpof example/diagram.

(i) Access time 

(ii) DNS

(iii) Plotter

 (iv) Video card

(22) Disk checkers

(23) Draw a flowchart that accepts ten numbersand displays its sum and average.

(24) Do the following conversions :

(i) (382)10 to Binary

(ii) (79)10 to Hexadecimal

(iii) (110101.01)2 to decimal

(iv) (38A)16 to Binary

(b) Describe the working of Routers andGateways.

(c) What is a Browser ?

(25) What is an Open Source Development 8Model ? Describe any six features of thismodel.

(26) Explain any four Operating System Services.  

(27)Draw a flow chart to input a naturalnumber, such as 997, and determinewhether or not it is a multiple of 3

(28) In a local area network of star topology,one component failed, bringing down the 'whole network. Predict which componenthas failed. Justify your answer.

(29) Describe two similarities and twodifferences between a router and agateway.

(30) What is a Wild ? How does it promotecontent creation by the community ?

(31) Explain the Von Neumann's architecturewith the help of a diagram.

(32) Describe if statement. Write an ifstatement to multiply even numbers by 3and odd numbers by 4.

(33) What is a trackball ? How does it work andwhere is it used ?

(34) What is an operating system ? What are itsfunctions and uses ? Name any oneproprietary and one open source operatingsystem.

(35) Describe the layers of TCP/IP referencemodel.

(36) What is a defragmentation utility andwhat does it do ? What are the benefits ofdefragmentation ?

(37) What are the threats to security from theInternet ? What are the mechanismsavailable to safeguard oneself from them ?

(38) What is the use of a compiler in a computersystem ? How is it different from aninterpreter ?

(39) What are the components of the process fordeveloping e-learning content on anysubject ? Describe briefly the activitiescarried out in each, with the help of adiagram / example.

(40) Why is a memory hierarchy used in acomputer system ? Explain the memoryhierarchy diagrammatically, giving

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